Branding Yourself Before Your Next Big Trade Show

Using the right type of branding helps your booth stand out and catch the attention of more visitors at a trade show. Branding applies to both your promotional items and the overall look of your display.

How to Use Branding in a Trade Show Display

Trade shows take place every month in cities all around the world. Manufacturers and companies use those shows as a way to introduce new products and get more attention for existing products. As an owner or manager, you need to understand how you can use branding to garner more attention from those visitors.

Promotional Branding

If you ever attended a trade show before, you know that visitors love the free stuff that companies give away. When branding your new company or product, find a way to make your promotional items work with that brand. Companies that sell coffee or own a chain of coffee shops might give away coffee mugs, while the manufacturers of outdoor equipment and sporting goods might hand out flying discs. Make sure that each and every promotional item you hand out has your logo and company name prominently displayed across the front.

Branding Your Booth

Trade show management companies often work with clients who worry about how to brand their booths and displays. You need to walk a fine line between using too much signage and not enough. Having dozens of flags, banners and signs on all sides of your booth in a number of bright colors can distract visitors and make them keep walking. While you will want some time of signage on all sides of your booth that visitors pass, you want to stick with just a few colors. Any employee working in your display should wear shirts and/or hats that match those colors and designs.

Become a Trade Show Standout

Becoming a standout at any trade show is easy. You can use your branding to make visitors step back and take notice of your display. Branding your company requires that you use signage on your display, have your employees dressed in similar colors and designs and that you give away branded promotional items too.

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