Artwork Guidelines

To download the Artwork Submission Guidelines, click here.

We want to provide you with the best possible graphics for your event or exhibit. Please help us by providing files using the following guidelines. Please pass this information to your designer to prepare these files properly.




Vector Artwork (line art): Best for Logos, Text and Diagrams
Raster Artwork: Best for Photographs and Backgrounds


  • Correct Dimensions
  • 100 dpi resolution at full size of actual finished product
  • 300 dpi resolution for graphics at 200% or greater
  • All related Pantone (PMS) and/or CMYK color codes (if submitting CMYK values, please supply accurate color swatches)
  • Please include all fonts, or convert fonts to outlines or paths
  • Accurate color proof print of artwork
  • Contact name, phone number and email address of art creator


We are capable of working with both PC and MAC based software, and can accept art created with the following file types:

  • Adobe Acrobat PDF (high quality print / press settings)
  • Adobe Illustrator AI, EPS (include all fonts or outline all text, embed images)
  • Adobe Photoshop EPS, TIF, JPEG (high quality), PSD (include fonts and flatten image)
  • Adobe InDesign INDD, iDML (complete & packaged with working fonts & linked files)
  • JPEG Image JPG, JPEG 

We Do Not accept these formats: GIF, Microsoft Office (.doc, .xls, .ppt), self-extracting files (.exe. or .sea), low-resolution files used for websites, business cards, scans, email signature logos and other low quality final outputs.


  • Standalones: Bottom 6” will be covered by Hoffa base
  • Banner Prints (wrapped on frame): 6” of graphic bleed
  • Banner Prints (pocketed): Avoid placing logos or text in pocketed area (pole pocket size + 1”)
  • Banner Prints (grommets): Avoid placing logos or text in grommet area (1 ½” from edge)


Keep in mind, there will always be out of gamut colors for any printing device. Our color matching system will do its best to properly convert all out of gamut colors to the proper color space required for output, but clipping may occur. Test prints available upon request.



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