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The following frequently asked questions and answers may help as you prepare for your upcoming event. Always feel free to consult our Customer Service staff, located onsite at the Exhibitor Service Desk, to assist you further.

What do I do when I arrive at show site?

When you arrive at show site, check your booth space and make sure everything is there. Check each item against your shipping information. Also, make sure that if you ordered electrical that is has been installed. If you ordered carpet, make sure it has been installed as well. If anything is missing, please visit the Exhibitor Service Desk at showsite. If you ordered labor, check in at the service desk to pick up laborers.

What should I bring with me to show site?

Bring all copies of your paperwork and documentation, as a reminder of what you ordered. Also, bring copies of what you have shipped, how it was shipped and any tracking numbers. In your documentation, include information on outbound shipping, your carrier and address to be shipped.

When will my items that were shipped in advance to the warehouse arrive in my booth?

Those items that you shipped in advance to the warehouse should be in your booth by the time you arrive on the first day of move-in.

What if my shipments are not in my booth?

If all of your items are not in your booth by the first move-in day, take your tracking and shipping information to the Exhibitor Service Desk. First, we will determine if the shipment has been received. If the shipment has not been received, representatives will help you track it. Or, if you prefer, you can track the shipment yourself.

When will my carpet and furnishings arrive in my booth?

If you ordered carpet through Xpert, it should be in your booth on the first day of move-in. If you ordered electrical services, please be sure to notate on the carpet order form that you have ordered electrical. This will ensure that the electrical is installed prior to carpet installation. Furnishings will arrive according to the show schedule. Visit the Exhibitor Service Desk for the show schedule or consult your Exhibitor Kit. From our homepage (www.xpertexpo.com) click the orange box in the upper right corner to access exhibitor kit.

Do I need to check-in at the on-site Exhibitor Service Desk?

There is no need to check in with the Exhibitor Service Desk. However, feel free to stop by if there is something with which we can assist you.

What questions can they answer for me at the on-site Exhibitor Service Desk?

Almost anything. If we don’t know the answer, we will work to figure it out. Primarily the questions we receive are about orders, shipments, services, labor, invoice balance, empty stickers, material handling, loading, etc.

What do I do if I ordered labor?

If you ordered labor, you must check in at the service desk at the time you requested your labor in order to pick up your labor.

What happens to my empty containers?

Empty stickers (to be placed on each empty container) should be picked up at the Exhibitor Service Desk or from Xpert employees on the show floor. Each container should have an empty sticker with your company name and booth number. These containers are picked up throughout the move-in days and are stored off-site during the show. Please make sure that your containers are completely empty as they will not be accessible during the show.

The following frequently asked questions and answers may help as you prepare for your upcoming event. Always feel free to consult our Customer Service staff, located onsite at the Exhibitor Service Desk, to assist you further.

How do I get my empty containers back? When will they arrive?

Your empty containers will be returned at the close of the show, after the aisle carpet has been picked up or covered – depending on the facility. Keep in mind it can take up to eight hours to return all empty containers, depending on the size of the show. Please make sure that you arrange your travel accordingly.

How do I arrange outbound shipping?

If you have a preferred carrier that is different from Xpert’s transportation, you can arrange in advance for them to pick up your shipment. Please refer to the Critical Show Page for the time that your shipment will need to be cleared from your space by the outbound carrier.

When will I be invoiced?

Every effort is made to provide “activity-to-date” on the day the show opens. The final invoice will be emailed after the show is closed in the office.

When do I need to be sure to vacate my booth space?

Please refer to the Critical Show Page for the date and time the show needs to be cleared. Also refer to the Critical Show Page for the time that your shipments need to be cleared by your outbound carrier.

When will my labor arrive, and how do I make sure it has been ordered?

Check in at the labor desk in order to pick up your labor. You might want to contact the Exhibitor Service Desk to confirm your labor order has been placed.

Do I need to check in with the Exhibitor Service Desk again?

Yes. You must stop by the Exhibitor Service Desk to pick up and complete your outbound shipment paperwork. Once your shipment is packed up and ready to go, you will fill in the piece count and return the form to the Exhibitor Service Desk. At this time you will also make sure all your labels are placed on the shipment. This paperwork notifies your outbound carrier that your shipment is ready to be picked up.

What help will the Exhibitor Service Desk provide?

Almost anything. If we don’t know the answer, we will work to figure it out. Primarily the questions we receive are about orders, shipments, services, labor, invoice balance, empty stickers, material handling, loading, etc.

Will there be security to watch my things?

No, if you have something valuable in your shipment, it is advised that you wait for your carrier to arrive, or hire a security guard. Also, do not label boxes with the contents (i.e., plasma screen, computer equipment) if they are expensive or high-tech materials.

Do I need to stay to supervise the movement of my items out of my booth space?

Please make sure your outbound paperwork is completed and turned into the Exhibitor Service Desk before you leave. If you have something valuable in your shipment, it is advised that you wait for your carrier to arrive, or hire a security guard. Also, do not label boxes with the contents if they are expensive or hightech materials.

The information below summarizes the most commonly asked questions regarding freight/material handling, often referred to as drayage. This can be the most costly budget item for exhibitors. We will try to explain what drayage is and how rates are established, which may help you save money and avoid unnecessary surcharges. If this list doesn’t answer your questions, please feel free to call us at 1-855-677-EXPO (3976), 702-248-8007 or send an email to: kithelp@xpertexpo.com.

What is Material Handling/Drayage?

The term “drayage” is the moving of exhibit materials from one location to another. Whether you ship to the advance warehouse or directly to show site, your materials still need to get to your booth location. Drayage services include the accepting of your material either at the warehouse or at show site, delivery to your booth, storage of empty containers during the show, returning empty containers at the close of the show, picking up your packaged materials, returning them to the dock, and loading on the carrier of your choice. It should not be confused with the cost to transport your exhibit materials to and from the convention or event. You have two options for shipping your advance freight – either to the warehouse or directly to show site.


Usually, an exhibitor may bring in his own materials providing such materials can be hand carried by one person in one trip, without the use of dollies, hand trucks or any other equipment. Read the Union Rules & Regulations for the specific rules regarding the show/facility.

How are my Material Handling/Drayage rates determined?

Drayage charges are based on a number of factors including Union labor rates, facility dock access, and the show schedule, to name just a few. Xpert Exposition Services is a Union company and therefore must use Union labor to move freight. These rates vary from city to city. Read the shipping and material handling section of your service kit carefully. Be aware of any surcharges that may be assessed for special handling or late shipments. Pay special attention to deadline dates. If you ship in advance to our warehouse and your shipment arrives after the published deadline date, you may be assessed a surcharge. Crated materials are the easiest to unload, therefore, have the least expensive drayage charge. Loose, pad wrapped and uncrated materials require more labor time and therefore may be assessed an additional handling fee. It may be cost effective for you to build crates for any portion of your exhibit that is not crated.


Certified weight tickets, which should be attained by all drivers for materials prior to arrival at the warehouse or show site dock, are used to determine billable weight. Xpert Exposition Services reserves the right to determine weights for all shipments for which weight tickets are not provided with delivery. If you would like the materials reweighed by Xpert Exposition Services to verify weights, there will be an additional charge.


Most all Service Contractors have a minimum of 200 lbs. per shipment. It is best to send your freight as one large shipment versus several small shipments. For instance, if you send one 45 lb. and one 55 lb. package separately, you are charged the minimum on each shipment. If you plan to ship items from various locations, you may want to consolidate them at a central location then forward them to the advance warehouse or directly to show site. However, if you ship your materials in one shipment and the carrier makes multiple deliveries, you will be charged for each delivery to the dock, regardless of whether or not the materials were shipped together as one shipment.


In general, it is best to ship your materials to the advance warehouse address. The charge for this may be slightly higher than shipping direct to show site but the benefit far outweighs the cost. You can (and should) confirm that we have received your materials well in advance of the show installation; if there is a problem it can then be solved prior to the show. When shipping direct, if there is a problem there is seldom time to resolve the problem prior to show opening. Another advantage to advance shipments is that your materials will be in your booth when you arrive and you can begin installation immediately, thus saving you time and frustration at show site.

How do I ship to the warehouse?

1. We accept freight beginning 30 days prior to show move-in.
2. To check on your freight arrival, call Exhibitor Services at 1-855-677-EXPO (3976), 702-248-8007 or send an email to: kithelp@xpertexpo.com.
3. To ensure timely arrival of your materials at show site, freight should arrive by the deadline date listed on the Critical Show page (in the exhibitor kit). Your freight will still be received after the deadline date, but additional charges will be incurred.
4. The warehouse will receive shipments Monday through Friday, except holidays. Refer to the Critical Show page (in the exhibitor kit) for warehouse hours. No appointment is necessary.
5. The warehouse will accept crates, cartons, skids, trunks/cases and carpets. Loose or pad-wrapped material must be sent directly to show site.
6. All shipments must have a bill of lading or delivery slip indicating the number of pieces, type of merchandise and weight.
7. Certified weight tickets must accompany all shipments.
8. Warehouse freight will be delivered to the booth prior to exhibitor setup.
9. Please call the number located on the Critical Show page (in the exhibitor kit) if you want to ship oversized material that requires special equipment to the warehouse.

What about prepaid or collect shipping charges?

1. Collect shipments will be returned to the delivery carrier.
2. To ensure that your freight does not arrive collect, mark your bill of lading “Prepaid.”
3. “Prepaid” designates that the transportation charges will be paid by the exhibitor or third party.

How should I label my freight?

1. Make sure you label all materials properly to avoid any delivery delays. All pieces should have the recipient’s name and address, the show name, your company name, and your booth number. Remove old labels after every show to avoid any future confusion. If you are shipping multiple pieces, label them as such: 1 of 4; 2 of 4; 3 of 4; etc.
2. The specific shipping address for either the warehouse or show site is located in your exhibitor kit.

What happens to my empty containers during the show?

1. Pick up “Empty Labels” at the Xpert Exhibitor Service Desk. Place a label on each container. Labeled containers will be picked up periodically and stored in non-accessible storage during the show.
2. At the close of the show, the empty containers will be returned to the booth in random order. Depending on the size of the show, this process may take several hours. Please plan your travel accordingly.

How do I protect my materials after they are delivered to the show or before they are picked up after the show?

Consistent with trade show industry practices, there may be a lapse of time between the delivery of your shipment(s) to your booth and your arrival. The same is true for the outbound phase of the show – the time between your departure and the actual pick-up of your materials. During these times, your materials will be left unattended. We recommend that you arrange for a representative to stay with your materials or that you hire security services to safeguard your materials.

How do I ship my materials after the close of the show?

1. Each shipment must have a completed Material Handling Agreement in order to ship materials from the show. All pieces must be labeled individually.
2. After materials are packed, labeled and ready to be shipped, the completed Material Handling Agreement must be turned in at the Xpert Exhibitor Desk.
3. Call your designated carrier with pick-up information. Please refer to the Critical Show Page (in your exhibitor kit) for specific dates and times. In the event your selected carrier fails to show on final move-out day, your shipment will either be rerouted to Xpert’s preferred carrier or delivered back to the warehouse at the exhibitor’s expense.
4. For your convenience, show-recommended carriers will be on site to handle outbound transportation.

Where do I get a forklift?

1. Forklift orders to install or dismantle your booth after materials are delivered may be ordered in advance or at show site. We recommend that your order in advance to avoid additional charges at show site. Refer to the Order Form for available equipment.
2. Advance and show-site orders for equipment and labor will be dispatched once a company representative signs the labor order at the Xpert Exhibitor Desk.
3. Start time is guaranteed only when equipment is requested for the start of the working day.


The answer is YES! It is your responsibility to make sure your freight is insured from the time that it leaves your office until it returns. A rider to your existing policy can usually do this. Check with your insurance carrier for details.


Always be aware of freight receiving deadlines. You will be assessed a late charge if your shipment arrives after the deadline date. Inform your shipper that all items must arrive prior to a specific date. Always ship your materials crated; loose or pad-wrapped items are assessed special handling fees.

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