Social Media as a Trade Show Tool


Social media is a great tool for spreading brand awareness at a trade show, but there’s some necessary preparation and etiquette in order to get the most out of it.

Using Social Media at Trade Shows

No matter how big or small your company or young or old your business, taking advantage of trade show services can have a great effect on your overall brand and the products and services you sell. Companies that get the most out of trade shows work hard throughout the event, and social media can be an amazing tool for doing more with less effort.

Have a Social Media Presence in Place

A mistake entrepreneurs and new businesses make is not having set the social media wheels in motion before attending their first trade show. People you weren’t even aware of can remember your brand, and then go looking for it later on Facebook or a similar network. Likewise, people will often inquire about your social media presence. It’s a good idea to have it on your business card. Bring plenty.

Your Feeds Should Be Active

The new contacts you meet may subscribe to your Twitter feed so that they can monitor your presence throughout the event and hopefully beyond. Appearance is an important part of business. Don’t let them see a feed or page that was just created today and has no history. Create those feeds in advance, and start posting daily even if you don’t have many or any subscribers yet.

Spelling and Grammar Should Be Impeccable

First impressions are everything, and even obvious typos look bad. The person sending out tweets and other social media messages should have a lot of experience with these technologies and strong language skills. Don’t be afraid to spell- and grammar-check messages before sending them out.

Use Social Media Sparingly During the Event

Social media can be used to great effect, but that effect diminishes with frequency. Don’t overwhelm subscribers with a barrage of tweets and other messages. Keep them short and sweet. Only post the best ones, and favor pictures and videos whenever possible.

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